Twas 18 Days Before Christmas of 2010

Twas 18 days before Christmas of 2010
and Ande was thinking of all her old friends.
The Callahan’s were actively trimming their trees
with decorations piled up as high as their knees.
The Hamilton’s house was all lighted and trimmed
and Drew dreamed that presents filled their home to the brim.
The Shaver’s were happily settling in new routines
with all of them fitting into much smaller jeans!
The Allen family made a trip to a Christmas tree farm
where Bryant cut down a tree without getting harmed.
The Norton’s were busy with Trey and Sweet G,
hoping to get a photo of them together upon Santa’s knee.
The Langhams were ready for Santa’s appearance
cause Annette loaded her buggy with items on clearance.
The Tutor girls outnumbered Vergil by three
and you know they don’t give diamonds out FREE.
Everyone was busy with their comings and goings
but dreaming of cabins where it was snowing.
The hot tub is waiting and the loofas are ready
Will it hurry up and be February already!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!


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