19 Things I love About T

  1. His insatiable appetite for books.
  2. His gift of writing beautiful stories and poems.
  3. His sense of humor.
  4. He shares secrets with me.
  5. His gorgeous hair.
  6. His facial hair (it is so thick and dark and amazes me that my little boy has whiskers)
  7. He fights for what he believes in.
  8. He is not afraid to voice his opinion.
  9. He has a beautiful smile.
  10. He pretty much follows all my big rules.
  11. He can cook and likes to.
  12. He can wash his own clothes.
  13. He loves old records and owns a record player.
  14. He loves his little brother.
  15. He has a soft spot for the underdog.
  16. He is very passionate about the things he believes in.
  17. He still wakes me up when there is a meteor shower.
  18. He is very innovative.
  19. He loves me even if he doesn’t always tell me.

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