Sweet G has such a quirky personality. I have often heard the saying, “He was born old.” Well, in G’s case it really seems to be true. His disability limits his ability to play easily and he has always been content to sit and talk with a grown up or watch television. The thing is he has very discriminating taste. He has not typically been the child who loves children’s shows and cartoons. G has always had a good sense of humor and gets jokes that most children his age wouldn’t understand. His current favorite shows are Spongebob Squarepants, Sanford and Son, Family Feud (with Steve Harvey), Fresh Prince of Bel Air, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and Ultimate Fighting.

For Christmas he asked Santa for Johnny Carson DVDs. Santa was quite surprised by this request but G explained to Santa that he knew Santa didn’t make DVDs but that he could go to JohnnyCarson.com and order them online. With a chuckle Santa agreed that online shopping would definitely be the ideal choice to getting Johnny Carson. After working out the details on the DVD purchase Santa asked G what else he wanted. G replied, “That’s all. I don’t want anything else.” How many children or adults for that matter do you think would be content with one single DVD? That is just my Sweet G.

A week or so before Christmas G was wanting to watch something on a channel that I don’t approve of him watching. He continued to ask after I had told him he couldn’t turn the television to that channel. I resorted to the thing most parents have done at least once and said, “Santa is watching you G. He wouldn’t like it if you act ugly about it.” G immediately replied, “I don’t need Santa to bring me anything anyway. I already have a present under the tree from Trey.”

Thank God he is so easy most of the time. He is patient, kind, loving, funny, content, and very unique.


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