No Ordinary Boy

I will always remember the day he walked into my life. I was sitting in the basement classroom of a dilapidated school in my rural community. The smell of dirt and tempera paint filled the air. I sat at a crudely built table in the corner of the room facing the door; an empty chair at my right side.

The door opened and there he was. Sweet, innocent, vulnerable. I was immediately bewitched by that little dark haired boy. It didn’t hurt matters that he was the mysterious “new boy” and was perfectly gorgeous to boot. Those may have been a small part of my fascination with him but there was so much more to it than mere attraction.

I was immediately overwhelmed with fear and excitement when he chose the chair next to me. It may have been the only empty seat in the room. I really don’t remember if he chose to sit there or if he sat there because it was his only choice. The thing I do know is God forever changed my life that day when he sent that precious boy into my life.

We became friends. We even “went” together for a short time. We were both extremely shy and unsure of ourselves and at twelve years old our relationship was sweet and innocent. He sang a love song in a musical group and every time he sang it I hoped and imagined he was singing it to me. Our romantic connection didn’t last long but our friendship blossomed during high school. He was my homeroom buddy and there was always something that seemed to draw me to him. He held a special place in my heart that I couldn’t understand and was too afraid to express.

After graduating from high school life carried us in different directions causing us to loose touch but he was never far from my mind. I often found myself wondering what happened to that sweet brown eyed boy. He was such a special person to me and I hoped and dreamed that he found happiness in life.

It took twenty-five years for me to find my friend again.  My friend grew into a big, strong, intelligent, successful man. He married a woman who is beautiful from the inside out. She is perfectly suited for him. They are wonderful friends that bless me beyond words. I am so thankful that God has brought him back into my life and the added addition of his lovely wife is a wonderful bonus.

When I look at him I still see that sweet, innocent, vulnerable little boy from the past. I will probably never know what the other 30 people sitting in that basement classroom thought the first time they saw him or how he impacted their lives. I really don’t understand how I was able to immediately know it, but from the moment my eyes fell on him I knew he was no ordinary boy.


One thought on “No Ordinary Boy

  1. DCAL312

    Sounds like a beautiful friendship! Those are the ones that are real! I have heard it said that at life's end, if you can count beyond one hand the number of friends you have , then you are truly blessed! Sounds like God took a special relationship and multiplied the frienship in your life! Numbers never lie…or so they say!I am sure that the new kid feels the same way…


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