Life is filled with choices. Every day we are faced with situations that require a decision. Some are as simple as deciding what to wear, while other choices are much more complex. Lately my life seems filled with situations requiring difficult decisions be made.

Each person has a unique way of looking at life and dealing with difficult decisions. We will all eventually make a bad choice. That is life. The problem comes in when we know what we are choosing is wrong. We not only bring consequences on ourself but our decisions put consequences on those around us. Nobody lives in a bubble. I affect my friends and family and they affect me. Our lives intertwine in such an intricate way that separation causes severe damage to each. Disease and damage passes from one to another unintentionally.

My goal is to base every decision I make on truth. That isn’t popular. I have to separate my feelings and desires from the situation and do what I know is right. Sometimes I stand unable to help someone I love avoid the consequences of bad choices.

Ultimately we must face the decisions we make on our own. We may not in this life but we will eventually have to answer for them when we stand before Christ. Nobody will be there to defend me when I stand accused but Jesus. When all my sins are revealed He will say, “I paid the price. She is mine.”


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