G’s New Technology

For a while now I have felt that Sweet G would benefit from touchscreen technology of some type. We have looked at touch screen computers which I thought might work but I was hesitant about purchasing one because they aren’t portable. Yes, you can get touchscreen laptops but again I felt that was just not the right fit for what I want for G. After reading on facebook that several people I know had bought iPads I was curious about what we could do with one.

G had some Christmas money from his two sets of very generous grandparents so we decided to go and look at iPads. After talking to a very tech savvy salesman and having him demonstrate a few things the iPad can do I knew I had found the perfect piece of technology for G.

Some friends have accused me of using my disabled child to get an iPad for myself. My oldest son is convinced that I bought it for me and my husband hasn’t said so but I think he is skeptical as well. (I was even starting to think that too after getting hooked on the bubble game.) I can now say with 100% honesty that although I do love the iPad it’s primary function is for homeschooling G.

I downloaded some apps for G to use and we had a blast doing school. We used an app of magnetic alphabet letters to do our phonics lesson, a math app to work on number recognition, and we reviewed sight words using an app that is compatible with the PowerPoint presentations I had already made for the laptop. G loves the independence the iPad gives him. He played one math game over and over. He would place the last piece where it went and quickly press the start button to redraft the game. I guess he was afraid that I was going to make him stop playing when he finished the round he was on so he would hit start before I could say anything.

We had so much fun doing school today! We really needed a day like today to get back in the groove after the holidays and the snow days. Yes, homeschoolers take snow days too! We can also take sunny days at the first sign of spring! Who wants to take spring break when the weather isn’t nice? Being able to rearrange the school calendar to fit our family’s life is one of the biggest benefits to homeschooling.

So, I am cleaning off the bookcases and decluttering our school. No more paper or books in our classroom! We are now a green homeschool with the help of one amazing little gadget.


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