Boys vs. Girls

My Sweet G has seen the Justin Bieber movie ads on tv and since he loves music he had been asking to go to the theatre to see it on February 11th! Well, today my precious husband heard on the radio that there was going to be a special showing at the local theatre but tickets were only available through certain avenues. They gave some away on the radio but this time my hubby didn’t win or maybe he didn’t enter after his last radio win cost him hundreds of dollars for extra concert tickets. One way to get tickets was to buy a gift certificate at WOW. He knows that WOW is one of my favorite places to eat (although we hardly ever go there?) and he lives to please me and our boys so he called and asked if we could spend our evening eating wings and watching Justin Bieber.

There are three of us and of course you only get two tickets for each gift certificate. Go figure!! J went by and bought two gift certificates. That gave us each a ticket with one left over!! What to do with the other ticket–call our youth pastor and borrow his little girl for the evening. She and G are very close to the same age and I thought it would be a fun time for them to see a 3-D movie on the spur of the moment.

I really enjoyed having a little girl with us tonight. Having two boys ourselves the difference in her little girl responses was so sweet to experience! It was her first 3-D movie which thrilled her to near giggles. She is such a sweet little girl and she just kept smiling up at me with an excited expression all night. I loved it. I love my boys dearly but I am so thankful that tonight I was able to spend some time with a sweet little girl. She and I are already planning another get together in the near future!!


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