His Plans

It is hard to believe but it was 4 weeks ago today that Sweet G had his tendon lengthening surgeries. I couldn’t wrap my mind around the fact that he would be in full leg casts for 6 weeks–it just seemed like an impossible task to make it through. Tonight as I look back it doesn’t seem as if it has been that long. We all adapted quickly to our new normal and the time has flown by.

In 2 weeks we will begin stage two of this big adventure. The casts will be cut off and two tiny legs will once again be free! Although he is going stir crazy being confined I fear that the hardest part is still to come. My patience is wearing thin, school has been challenging at best, and I just am not looking forward to the four therapy sessions a week for three months.

I am excited at the possibilities for improvement in G’s mobility but am anxious that he will freak when he stands–or attempts to stand– on those new and weakened legs. That is the hardest part of being a parent of a special needs child or any child really–the unknown. What does the future hold? The future might be filled with great accomplishments or with difficult days full of disappointment. I try to look optimistically into the future trusting that whatever happens is in God’s hands. He knows what tomorrow holds and isn’t surprised, anxious, or dismayed by what He sees. My prayer is that I will look at every day through the eyes of God and trust that His plans are much better than my plans could ever be.


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