A Time to Plant

This afternoon we made a trip to Wally World to pick up some food items our son wanted to take back to college. Shortly after arriving my husband received a text reminding him of a meeting he was scheduled to attend at church. There was exactly 25 minutes to finish shopping, drive all the way across town to take us home, and then my hubby would then have to drive himself back within a mile or so of where we were shopping. It just wasn’t possible. So, I suggested that my husband and son finish gathering the college snacks, leave me and Sweet G and return for us after the “30 minute” meeting was over. Time is obviously different to men and women because the meeting lasted much longer!

Things started off rather well. I let G hold a Jeff Dunham DVD while I wheeled him around the store looking at things. I haven’t been out of the house much in the past 6 weeks and it has been months since I have just looked around in a store. I ended up making it through all my favorite sections of the store before I thought about the garden center. The weather has been nice and warm for over a week now and it is definitely time to start thinking about spring planting.

We just had the sidewalk that led to nowhere ripped out last week and now have a new sidewalk that actually ends at our front door! We have been discussing ideas for the now new and larger planting area so I headed to look for flower bulbs. I found some great deals! I have always wanted some peonies but never seem to remember at planting time. That is, until today!

I found these!

These are beautiful!

I like these too!

Pretty Pink Perfection!

I miss these from the old house!

I can’t wait to see these!

Anxiously Awaiting these beauties!

Bleeding hearts amaze me.

I think my garden is going to be very pink!


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