Sleeping in a Stranger’s Bed

For the last six weeks I have slept in the bed with my husband a total of two nights. One of those nights was while on vacation and we had Sweet G snuggled between us so it really doesn’t count. I became quite comfortable with my nightly routine and the setup I had arranged in G’s room. I didn’t realize how accustomed I had become until last night.

As I laid down sleep evaded me. I found myself feeling oddly out of place in my own bed. You see, during the weeks I spent in G’s room my husband let our bedroom become a bachelor pad of sorts. Shoes tucked in odd places, clean clothes laid across every available horizontal surface, dresser piled with receipts. He has been busy working and has been a tremendous help around the house but since I have been absent from our bedroom he had allowed things to become disorganized to a point that I don’t feel comfortable with.

I didn’t realize that those things were going to bother me until J was fast asleep. As I lay there my mind drifted to another time and place when I experienced the same feeling. The first time I remember feeling this way was almost 27 years ago on the first night of our marriage. You see, I am a night owl and J is not. I realized that quickly on our wedding night. Joey is like Pavlov’s dog when he comes in contact with a bed. Bed means sleep. I however require several hours of wind down time of reading or watching tv before I can relax and go to sleep. I remember laying there for the very first time in my life with a man snoring softly beside me. It was an eyeopening experience. I faintly remember crying and wishing I was at home with my night owl mom watching the George and Gracie Show.

That is somewhat how last night started out. Here I was trying to be quiet, relax, and go to sleep and instead all I could do is stare at the walls. I will never know how long it would have taken me to fall asleep because G called out and I ended up sleeping with him again. Tonight before turning in I managed to declutter much of the bachelor pad before getting into bed. I am feeling much more at home in my room than I did last night, I am much more tired tonight, so maybe I will be able to fall sound asleep as soon as I publish this post. Good night, sleep tight, and I will let you know how my night was tomorrow.


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