Jesus Understands Momma

Today will always be remembered as one of the worst days of my life. I say that not to be melodramatic but simply because I know it to be true. My world was forever changed almost four months ago when someone I love dearly was arrested for an unspeakable crime. After months of hearing everyone around me make excuses for this person’s behavior I lost my temper and spoke my true feelings about the situation.

Although I love this person I cannot excuse or overlook what they have done. That person alone is responsible for the situation that they allowed themselves to be in. I also refuse to listen as other people I love sit and place the blame for this situation on others. Each person in my family with the exception of one has said that they believe the allegations are true and yet they blame others and try to rationalize that this person does not deserve the punishment our judicial system sets for this crime.

It was never my intention to cause anyone pain over this situation. I only tried to tell them what I saw coming. My warnings were not well received. Things I said were twisted and I am accused of being happy that this person eventually plead guilty for their crime, was convicted, and given a fair and reasonable sentence under our current laws. Contrary to what they believe or say I can assure you that there has not been a party going on around here, no celebrations to last throughout the year.

The only difference between me and everyone else in this situation is that I believe in the power of truth. I believe that although our judicial system is not perfect it does work well most of the time. I refuse to give up on the court system of my city, my county, my state, and my nation even when that system is required to send one of my own to prison for breaking the laws of man and the laws of God.

A strange thing happened today just prior to my hearing what had transpired in court. Sweet G was having his first therapy session since having his casts removed. He is in terrible pain when his legs are bent in the least amount but in order to heal he must endure the pain. As his therapist patiently worked to measure Sweet G’s range of motion he looked directly at me and said with tears streaming down his face, “Momma, Jesus understands. He’s the only one who understands.” Immediately after he made the statement a dear friend sent my husband a text message asking if we had heard the verdict.

I didn’t think about the significance of G’s statement at the time or see God’s Devine timing in the delivery of the message. It wasn’t until tonight as my husband knelt beside our bed and held me as we prayed that I made the connection. God was preparing me for the assault that I was about to face.

“Jesus understands.” A simple statement of faith by a child. Jesus does understand. He understands the pain that sin has cost Sweet G. He understands the betrayal of my family. He understands our broken hearts. When I pray for this hard time to pass over me He understands. He understands because He was beaten for our transgressions, he was misunderstood and forsaken by his family, and He too prayed for God to let His cross pass over Him.

Peace is mine because I am His. Jesus understands.


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