Runts, Nipples, and Nourishment for Babies

Tonight I started reading Charlotte’s Web to Sweet G. It is one of the classics I feel needs to be included in every child’s education. I wasn’t sure how attentive G would be since it is the longest book I have ever read to him added to the fact he really had his heart set on watching tv instead of reading anything.

As I started reading he was sulking. I read using lots of expression and try to capture the spirit of the characters by creating a voice I use for each individual in the book. I came to the line where Fern is pleading for the newborn pig’s life and staying true to my typical style I raised my voice as I read. G was caught completely by surprise because he was so intent on not enjoying the book. He jumped and looked like he was about to cry as he said, “Why did you scream, Momma?”

“I raised my voice because that is what Fern did. She is upset that her Father is going to kill the piglet and I read it like I think she would have said it.”

I now have his full attention. He begins to ask questions about the characters and is concerned and slightly amused that Fern’s 10 year old brother has a gun (air rifle). We continue the story and I get to the part when Mrs. Arable is fixing a bottle for the baby piglet. The story says she put a rubber nipple on the bottle filled with milk. As I read that part I hear little giggles erupting from beside me. G is very amused and snorts, “Huh, rubber nipples? Who ever heard of rubber nipples?”

I begin to explain about baby bottles and the reason they call the tops nipples. G is shocked by knowing where babies get there milk. I explain that some animals as well as human mommys feed there babies from their breasts. He is relieved to find out he and Trey were not breast fed as babies. When I tell him the milk he drinks comes from a cow he is a little disgusted.

We watched a video showing a cow being milked on YouTube so he could see for himself where milk comes from. Now I am unsure if he will eat his typical breakfast of cereal and milk. I personally don’t blame him if he doesn’t because frankly the whole cow thing seems kind of gross to me too! Who knows what tomorrow morning will bring and just FYI if you see Sweet G and he starts talking about nipples you know what he’s talking about and where it came from; complements of E.B. White.


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