Spring was in the air when they met. She was immediately drawn to him. His voice called to her like it was meant only for her ears. He had beautiful deep eyes that she was sure were able to see into the depths of her very soul. They were meant to be together; mates for a lifetime.

Together they built their home. Piece by piece they arranged things until they were perfectly placed. Every detail was just as it should be.

The time came to begin a family. When he discovered that he was about to become a father his chest swelled with pride and he held his head just a little higher than before. She settled into the role of primary care giver. Their baby boy arrived alert and ready to take on the world.

Too soon he grew old enough to go out into the world alone. At first he practiced by taking short trips but soon the time came that his parent’s home grew too small for him. He could hear the world calling his name. It was time to leave, so he hopped onto the side of the nest, spread his beautiful blue wings and flew away. At last the little bluebird was doing exactly what he was created to do. . . soar.


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