Karaoke King

One thing I love about my Sweet G is his gregarious personality. He is not the least bit shy in front of a crowd, in fact that is usually when he is his boldest which scares me to death. I just never know what is going to come out of that cute little boy because most eight year olds haven’t mastered the social skills expected when speaking in front of a group and Sweet G is at the top of his game when he has a captive audience. In fact, he has been performing for his therapists, his fellow patients, and their parents for years now. He loves to be cheered and is not shy about telling you he expects it.

Tonight we made plans to meet some great friends at a local Mexican restaurant that has Karaoke on Saturday nights. The evening started out pretty much like many other times we have taken G there but everything changed the minute our friend D sang his first song. Sweet G went wild! He started requesting songs for D to sing for him. G eventually asked D’s daughter E to sing “Look It Up” with him. This is when the panic started rising in me. They took the stage and someone handed G a microphone. My heart was pounding because we all know that one of two things happens when you give a kid a microphone; they either freeze up and won’t make a sound or they cut loose and totally embarrass their parents. The song started and all I heard was E as she sang the first few bars of the song. Then slowly G began to sing some of the words. His eyes met mine as he sang his favorite line in the song, “The word is easy, look it up, And you’ll see a picture of that piece of trash Ridin’ ’round in your pickup truck”. A huge grin covered his face and I knew he was hooked and that I was headed for some good stories and some wonderful memories.

A little later in the night D and his daughter E went up to sing a duet. Before we knew what was happening G unlocked the brakes on his chair and headed for the stage as fast as he could roll. He stopped, looked back and said, “Daddy, help me get up there cause I’m gonna sing with D.” G didn’t ask if he could join the group. He just rolled himself right up beside them and the man running the Karaoke handed G a microphone. They were singing “Back to December” by Taylor Swift. It was amazing. Sweet G sang almost every word. He sang on key and even put in the oooo’s that D and E left out. I was so proud of my little boy. He sang all those words from memory.

We have been told in the past by some experts that G has an IQ score that is well below what we know is possible. Anyone would know that the score he was given is absurd if they had a single conversation with him, but we are just irrational parents that can’t see their child’s limitations. He is a very intelligent and talented little boy. The problem that the psychologists have is that they can’t understand what doesn’t fit into the little box of what they think is normal.

Sweet G is not normal. He is not ordinary. When God created G he took something ordinary and gave it a little extra. G is extraordinary, out of the box, bigger than life, moonbeams and sunshine, with a lot of glitter on top. Oh, how I love that boy! My shining star came wheeling back to our table glowing with pride as everyone in the room cheered for him. If you ever need something to smile about just come see G sing Karaoke. I think he plans on making regular appearances from now on because I overheard him telling the man who owns the Karaoke equipment to get the song “Raymond” so he can sing it the next time he comes. ;0)


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