Reading and Writing, Arithmetic Taught to the Tune of an iPad?

Today was a good day. The sun was shining as a warm breeze blew. Sweet G and I sat at the kitchen table doing school with the back door open letting the glory of springtime fill the house.

I am amazed at the progress Sweet G is making since we bought the iPad for him. He sits and “plays” on it for hours. Today he worked on two new apps we bought over the weekend. One of the apps helps with phonics. The iPad calls out a word, gives three boxes for the child to put the correct spelling in, and calls the individual sounds of each letter. This has always been a very difficult thing for G but today he amazed me with the ease he displayed while using the app. He also played with an app using sight words. It has 1000 most commonly used words in the English language. G worked through the first list today and loved it.

G also worked on a math mastery app. He was practicing adding one to the numbers one through ten. This has been a difficult area for G also. I noticed that as we were playing it together that G kept looking up. I knew what he was doing immediately. He was using the hundred number chart to get his answers. Some may think that is cheating but I don’t. He is learning to use tools to assist him. I didn’t tell him to do it, he just made the connection and saw what adding one means.

Teachers in the past have said he is incapable of doing any of this work. Psychologists have given us some very bleak predictions as well. Independence was one of the main goals of the school system for G but they were never able to help him achieve it. A $1,000.00 piece of technology has opened up the world of learning to G. Independence is no longer an issue. I tell him which activities he is assigned and he completes them. He always goes above and beyond what I have planned for the day.

G never fails to watch a Brain Pop video. Most of them are far more advanced than he needs but he watches them and he learns. Yesterday he watched one on autism without me. He told me afterwards that they talked a lot about brains. Today the video was about Maya Angelou. He learned that she read one of her poems at President Clinton’s inauguration, that she had a hard childhood, and about the effect segregation had on her life. G made the connection of Maya Angelou and segregation to the movie, Driving Miss Daisy, that we watched on Saturday. “That’s why the man couldn’t use the bathroom at the service station isn’t it Momma?”

He is one smart little boy. There is so much potential just waiting for a way to come out but trapped somehow. $1,000.00 is nothing compared to the cost of most of G’s technology needs but just look how much it has already accomplished. I am excited about the things that little boy is going to do! Lord, use him to confound those who look at him and only see limitations. Glorify yourself through the achievements of our Sweet G.


2 thoughts on “Reading and Writing, Arithmetic Taught to the Tune of an iPad?

  1. Ray's Homeschool

    That is so awesome! Congrats on finding something that really works for your child! I keep wondering if an IPad is worth the investment but I think I will look at it more seriously now.

    1. sweetpea0944 Post author

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on my post. My son has cerebral palsy and his motor skills don’t allow him to write. The iPad has been a great motivation for him to hone his fine motor skills and be independent in learning. Although it took me a while to find apps that meet the needs he has I now have several that are pretty good and very inexpensive. It seems that there are more and more every time I browse the app store. I love that it is so portable and it makes learning cool and fun! Probably not for everyone but it works for us for now! Hope you visit again soon!


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