The Day God Sent Me an Angel

There was nothing different about this day than any other. It started out an ordinary Tuesday that ended extraordinarily. My son and I completed a day of homeschooling and in the late afternoon I sat down and began to apply my make-up. I smeared creamy white grease paint around my mouth and over each of my eyes, setting it with bright white powder. Taking a brush in hand I began to create cheeks. A blue pencil outlined my eyes, followed by blue mascara, and ruby red lips. A tiny blue dot delicately placed under my lower lip honor the clowns who created me. Lastly I glue a small red and yellow flower to the tip of my nose. Donning a polka dotted dress and ruffled bloomers, I placed my orange curly wig on my head. The transformation is complete, I disappeared as Scribbles came to life.

Ready for work, I hopped in the car and headed out on my thirty minute commute to work. I never did get entirely used to driving a car as Scribbles. There were always people pulling up beside me and waving wildly, which always seemed to catch me off guard. I often wondered what was wrong with people who honked at me and acted as if they were my long lost best friend, that is until I remembered I was in clown mode. Believe me it is easy to forget how you are dressed.

Work was pretty much the same every week. There were lots of families that were there faithfully every Tuesday and there were always a few new faces too. This night was no different from any other Tuesday until B walked into the restaurant and handed me a card with the picture of an angel inside. I was being given a priceless gift by strangers-their child would be mine.

After a brief visit to see him in the local hospital we headed home. I don’t remember clearly what happened that night but I am pretty sure that it involved searching the Internet for baby names and their meanings. Our lives had just been radically changed and we weren’t prepared in the least.

Have you ever unexpectantly received a pet? Do you remember the stress and excitement you felt as you tried to pick the perfect name for it? Imagine receiving a baby that same way. Think about walking out your front door and finding a baby with a note that reads, “A gift from God-love and enjoy him.” That’s pretty much how I felt. Shocked, amazed, overwhelmed, overjoyed.

I knew that this precious baby had to be given the perfect name. It was imperative that his name have deep meaning. A perfect name for a perfect gift. I found a name I liked that’s meaning is strong man of God and I gave him a middle name that means gift of God. His name suits him perfectly. He was sent by God in a miraculous way. I sometimes describe it as him falling out of the sky because that is almost how it feels. It’s like a big white stork flew him down from Heaven and laid him in my arms. It was a magical experience that I did nothing to deserve but I sure am glad God chose me to be the mother of that little angel.


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