Pear Preserve Revenge

My blood was boiling by the time I reached the house. If I couldn’t have my blue ribbon preserves then I’d have partridge for supper! That blasted bird ruined every pear in that tree and I was determined to have the satisfaction of picking his bones as clean as he picked my tree.

I grabbed my shotgun and racked a cartridge into the chamber as I stepped off the porch. That partridge was about to be blasted out of that pear tree. I took careful aim. There was no way I was gonna miss out on my revenge. Bam! Click, click, bam!

I saw him fall to the ground followed by two of his friends. I chuckled as I walked toward the carcasses. I couldn’t tell what the other two birds were until I reached the tree. Two turtle doves lay beside the partridge.


2 thoughts on “Pear Preserve Revenge

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