Soul Stealer

I sit on the back row,
showing up because I felt it was the right thing to do/
they insist I sit in the front,
A spectacle to all the guests
Fighting tears but
It isn’t any use.
They are stronger.
He enters , my stomach churns
The other witnesses don’t notice her insincerity
I see through her smile.
Dressed in green taffeta
as if at a prom.
She scurries down the aisle.
Fat bulging, breasts hardly hidden
beneath a ruffled neckline.
My son says, Miss Piggy
I laugh, he’s right
Dad stands in front
reciting prayers to a pagan god.
You’ve turned your back on God.
I am silent.
It is useless
She the soul stealer,
has him now.


2 thoughts on “Soul Stealer

    1. sweetpea0944 Post author

      Thank you for the positive feedback. This is not my typical style of writing but was inspired by something I read. I knew immediately that this story had to be written this way.


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