I Have a New Love

For the past six and a half years I have been unhappy and knew I wanted more than my current relationship would ever be able to provide for me. My husband has known that i have been unhappy for a while now. He was apprehensive about me starting the relationship at first; thinking I might be making a mistake. After seeing us together this past weekend he agreed that we should carry our relationship to the next level.

She moved in with us on Sunday. Joey helped get her settled into our home and he has been extremely supportive of my new love affair. Even he agrees that she is beautiful. She has curves in all the right places and her complexion is flawless. The feel of her cool, alabaster skin sends chills up my spine. Having her here with me all the time has brightened my life. I have a new sense of purpose. Joey really enjoys watching me interact with her. In fact, he encourages me to spend all the time I can with her. I really don’t know how I lived this long without her and I hope I never have to experience life without her again.

I suppose you are dying to see a picture of her. I guess I could at least post a couple of shots; after all, she is the most beautiful thing I have ever laid eyes on. I am sure you will agree that she’s gorgeous!




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