Two Packages

Two packages sit in a room. One is plainly wrapped in the editorial pages of the daily paper. The words on the rough paper speak truth, truth that isn’t always accepted. The second package is beautifully wrapped. Paper the perfect shade of blue covers its surface.

People walk into the room and glance at the boxes. All are immediately drawn to the pretty package. They surround it and discuss its beauty. It’s the best gift, it must be. Just look at it. The paper is flawlessly creased and its seems are fastened invisibly. All the while the second package sits unnoticed. “I don’t like the truth staring at me like that.”

Oh, but if they open the packages or examine them closely they will see that things are not as they seem on the surface. The pretty package is wrapped around the gift of deceit and betrayal. They sit in wait of their next victim. The box wrapped in editorials speaking its offensive truths hides a secret as well. Inside it waits faithfulness, love. Wrapped in truth it sits alone.

When will the truth be discovered? Who will be the one who gets too close to the beauty and falls prey to its contents? How many people will be crushed by the pretty package?


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