FaceTime Sweet G Style

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post about Sweet G but that does not mean there haven’t been stories to tell. For instance, G discovered FaceTime almost a year ago. At first it was another way for him to communicate with me. It didn’t matter if I was away from home or simply sitting on the other end of the sofa, it was his favorite means of communicating with me. When Trey informed him that he could also FaceTime him, he became his new favorite FaceTime friend. Then came Hannah, my nephew’s fiancĂ©. A few weeks ago he found out that Aunt
D-vette (my sister Davette) was available to FaceTime and she is now his favorite contact.

I love to sit and listen to their conversations. Aunt D-vette lives in another state so we don’t see her very often so G’s antics are somewhat new and delightful to her. His FaceTime calls during her nursing classes and during her shift in the CCU have yet to drive her crazy, or at least she isn’t admitting it yet. G calls her from his iPod touch all the time. I regularly get texts from her with messages to G letting him know she is unavailable because anyone who knows kids knows the don’t give up easily and ignoring them does nothing to change their mind.

Last week I overheard him and Aunt D-vette talking and got quite a chuckle out of their interaction. Since we have very limited television selection (basic cable only) G had my sister channel surfing for something good to watch. She found something he wanted to see and pointed her phone toward the television so G could watch the program! I think he was watching SpongeBob which he could watch on Netflix from his iPod, the iPad, or on our television. It was just more fun to watch it on Aunt D-vette’s tv.

He inquires regularly about the viewing choices on Comedy Central when he talks to her because he is positive that some day there will be a program on that he can watch. He’s been praying for Bill Engvall and Ron White on a regular basis for a while now in hopes that they will get saved and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior and stop saying cuss words, smoking, and drinking liquor. He’s kinda given up on Jeff Dunham, Walter, and Achmed the Dead Terrorist getting right and stopped praying for them a while back.

So, that’s what we’ve been doing around our house. FaceTiming Aunts and having them show you around their house and watch tv while fake eating eggs she cooks for you. He also attended her fake Thanksgiving celebration a couple of nights ago via FaceTime (nursing school, work, and clinicals interfered with the real Thanksgiving and since it was on a different day G says its fake). I don’t think he ate anything that night. He just visited with the other guests and checked out the tv listings.


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