Fifty Things For Fifty Years

1. I love the look of love in your eyes when you look at me, really look at me.
2. I love that you have such a strong work ethic. Nobody can ever say you are lazy.
3. I love that you are always there when I need you.
4. I love that you are my biggest fan and supporter. You really think I can do anything.
5. I love your hairy chest and I’m thankful that the testosterone is making you grow more!
6. I love the way you take over G when you are around.
7. I love the deep tone your voice takes when you whisper sweet nothing’s in my ear.
8. I love it that you still love to play and are a kid at heart.
9. I love your ability to problem solve and think outside of the box.
10 I love it when you call me Sweetpea.
11 I love that after 31 years I still get excited when I hear you come in the door.
12 I love that you are my protector.
13 I love that you have loved me so well for 31 years.
14 I love that you bring me Zagnuts just because.
15 I love snuggling up to you in our little bed every night. No king sized beds in this house!
16 I love how devoted you are to God and being faithful in attending church.
17 I love that you make sure G and I eat lunch everyday.
18 I love that you tease me about going to hell hungry.
19 I love your excitement over grilling meat.
20 I love your servants heart and desire to help others.
21 I love it when you tell me you want to squeeze me like a puppy.
22 I love it that you make me snacks and arrange my food in a pleasing presentation.
23 I love it when your cpap blows cool air on me at night.
24 I love every grey hair on your head.
25 I love that you are very social.
26 I love that you and Trey get hung up on different television series.
27 I love to watch you cut the grass with you head phones on.
28 I love the way you smell.
29 I love it that you still love to kiss me.
30 I love that I know almost everything there is to know about you.
31 I love that you will not leave me alone when I’m mad. (I like to be chased)
32 I love that you trust me to cut your hair.
33 I love how observant you are and how you spot construction a mile away.
34 I love that you never complain about honey do projects.
35 I love your passion for spicy foods.
36 I love your construction abilities.
37 I love your devotion to everything you do.
38 I love that you don’t have to tell me you love me because you show me in your actions.
39 I love that you tell me you love me even though you know I already know you do.
40 I love that you have never complained about the problems in my family.
41 I love that you take Papaw his biscuits on Saturdays so my Dad can sleep late.
42 I love it when you go to the store you bring back more than the items on the list.
43 I love going to the Drive In with you.
44 I love that you are the last person I see at night.
45 I love that I am the first person you see every morning.
46 I love it when you call or text me just because.
47 I love it that you still love to ogle me every chance you get.
48 I love to hold your hand.
49 I love hearing you fight and giggle with our boys.
50 I love that of all the women in the world that you picked me to share your life with.

I could keep on going and going but I will let 50 be enough for now. You are my one true love. You captured my heart as a young girl and you have lovingly protected since that day. There is not another man in this world that could even come close to filling your shoes. You are my soulmate and I hope I never have to live one day without you by my side. God must really love me to have blessed me with such a wonderful, devoted man.

My Love Forever,
Sweetpea. 💋


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