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Sometimes I am so overwhelmed by my love for you, my precious husband. I sit in awe that you are mine, that you chose me to spend your life with, and that you can still cause butterflies to dance in my stomach with a smile or a wink.

If I live to be a hundred I will never unravel the mystery of our love that seems to grow exponentially with every day. How can I still have these giddy schoolgirl feelings come over me when my phone plays your ringtone? Why does the sound of your key in the door bring a huge smile to my face? When will I ever tire of hearing you call me Sweetpea? Will I ever get over the touch of your kisses or the feel of your breath on my neck?

In a way I feel like I wished away our time together by always looking forward to another anniversary, another year added to the length of our marriage. Always thinking that when we reach a magic number the fear of losing you would pass. Time spent wondering what it would be like to look into your eyes and see them surrounded by wrinkles and your hair a distinguished grey. Now I look around and it’s here. Your hair is that grey I imagined and wrinkles are beginning to frame those beautiful eyes. 30 years have passed since our first date and still it’s not enough. I remember the day I met you 32 years ago as vividly as if it were yesterday. I think a part of me knew then that you and I were meant to be. I laugh now at the naive young man who thought he’d never find one woman that he could spend the rest of his life with. God must get some big laughs out of His children when we say things like that especially when you say it to the very person you will spend your life with. I remember the exact spot we were when you told me that. We were just two young friends walking from one building to another while changing classes. We had no idea what God had in His plans for us.

Even though it seems such a short time it has been filled with lots of life. So many wonderful memories we have made. Such fun times we have shared. Miracles we have witnessed. Oh, how much I love you. My heart is filled to overflowing tonight as I marvel at the gift God gave me in you. You have such a servants heart; always willing to do whatever anyone needs. I’m sorry that I haven’t always treasured that about you.

I thought I loved you with all of my heart on the day I married you, but I was so wrong. Each day I spend with you makes me love you more. I now know that I will never stop loving you. I will love you until the end of time. My soulmate, my love, my best friend.


I Have a New Love

For the past six and a half years I have been unhappy and knew I wanted more than my current relationship would ever be able to provide for me. My husband has known that i have been unhappy for a while now. He was apprehensive about me starting the relationship at first; thinking I might be making a mistake. After seeing us together this past weekend he agreed that we should carry our relationship to the next level.

She moved in with us on Sunday. Joey helped get her settled into our home and he has been extremely supportive of my new love affair. Even he agrees that she is beautiful. She has curves in all the right places and her complexion is flawless. The feel of her cool, alabaster skin sends chills up my spine. Having her here with me all the time has brightened my life. I have a new sense of purpose. Joey really enjoys watching me interact with her. In fact, he encourages me to spend all the time I can with her. I really don’t know how I lived this long without her and I hope I never have to experience life without her again.

I suppose you are dying to see a picture of her. I guess I could at least post a couple of shots; after all, she is the most beautiful thing I have ever laid eyes on. I am sure you will agree that she’s gorgeous!



The Hour Disability Didn’t Exist

It was an unusually warm January day. The world was bright and beautiful. It felt much more like springtime than it did winter. A little boy climbed a hill using his walker, a constant reminder of his disability. As I climbed the hill beside him I had no idea that a miracle was waiting for us at the top?

You see, there was an enchanted object waiting for us to arrive. Most kids take these magical possessions for granted, often leaving them out in the rain or lying in the grass where they drop them to lay forgotten until dad mows the lawn. Those kids don’t see the magic of the object, to them it’s just a common thing, something everybody has. Sweet G and I know that there is nothing ordinary about this thing because we know that the one waiting for us has the ability to make disability totally disappear.

Sweet G approached the item with the aid of his walker but once he turned loose and was safely seated, his disability faded away. It not only faded away for Sweet G, it disappeared from the consciousness of everyone on that hilltop. For an hour Sweet G was just a normal kid. My husband and I were just typical parents. We witnessed something that I had given up hope of G ever being able to experience.

You are probably wondering what was waiting for us on the hill that day. It was a bicycle, not a regular bicycle but a magical one. Someone special provided a hand cycle for children at Infinity Children Services to use. I have no idea who they are but I owe them a huge thank you because when he was on that bike something mystical happened. As he put his hands on the handgrips and started to pedal, he broke away from the bonds of his disability. 

We spent the next hour running back and forth in the parking lot on top of the hill laughing, cheering and forgetting that disability exists. For an hour Sweet G literally pushed his therapist aside and said, “I’ve got this. I don’t need you.” Giggles filled the air as my little boy sped back and forth in a small parking lot on a magical bicycle that has the ability to make disability disappear. For an hour he was simply a little boy having a normal experience with his parents.

Sweet G’s passion for life outshines the darkness of his disability. He inspires me to overcome the challenges I face with dignity and grace. Sweet G has life figured out. He knows the secret to living a full and abundant life regardless of his circumstances. The world would be a better place if we were all a little more like my G. If a miracle cure was found today that would forever erase every trace of G’s disability, I’m not sure I’d want him to receive it. However, I would like for G to have one of those magic hand cycles so that when ever he wanted we could make his disability disappear for an hour or two. ; )

The Day God Sent Me an Angel

There was nothing different about this day than any other. It started out an ordinary Tuesday that ended extraordinarily. My son and I completed a day of homeschooling and in the late afternoon I sat down and began to apply my make-up. I smeared creamy white grease paint around my mouth and over each of my eyes, setting it with bright white powder. Taking a brush in hand I began to create cheeks. A blue pencil outlined my eyes, followed by blue mascara, and ruby red lips. A tiny blue dot delicately placed under my lower lip honor the clowns who created me. Lastly I glue a small red and yellow flower to the tip of my nose. Donning a polka dotted dress and ruffled bloomers, I placed my orange curly wig on my head. The transformation is complete, I disappeared as Scribbles came to life.

Ready for work, I hopped in the car and headed out on my thirty minute commute to work. I never did get entirely used to driving a car as Scribbles. There were always people pulling up beside me and waving wildly, which always seemed to catch me off guard. I often wondered what was wrong with people who honked at me and acted as if they were my long lost best friend, that is until I remembered I was in clown mode. Believe me it is easy to forget how you are dressed.

Work was pretty much the same every week. There were lots of families that were there faithfully every Tuesday and there were always a few new faces too. This night was no different from any other Tuesday until B walked into the restaurant and handed me a card with the picture of an angel inside. I was being given a priceless gift by strangers-their child would be mine.

After a brief visit to see him in the local hospital we headed home. I don’t remember clearly what happened that night but I am pretty sure that it involved searching the Internet for baby names and their meanings. Our lives had just been radically changed and we weren’t prepared in the least.

Have you ever unexpectantly received a pet? Do you remember the stress and excitement you felt as you tried to pick the perfect name for it? Imagine receiving a baby that same way. Think about walking out your front door and finding a baby with a note that reads, “A gift from God-love and enjoy him.” That’s pretty much how I felt. Shocked, amazed, overwhelmed, overjoyed.

I knew that this precious baby had to be given the perfect name. It was imperative that his name have deep meaning. A perfect name for a perfect gift. I found a name I liked that’s meaning is strong man of God and I gave him a middle name that means gift of God. His name suits him perfectly. He was sent by God in a miraculous way. I sometimes describe it as him falling out of the sky because that is almost how it feels. It’s like a big white stork flew him down from Heaven and laid him in my arms. It was a magical experience that I did nothing to deserve but I sure am glad God chose me to be the mother of that little angel.

The Haircut

Last night I gave my husband a haircut. He likes to keep his hair pretty short and typically asks me to cut it several times before we are able to get around to cutting it. We had just finished a few projects around the house and since I had the vacuum hose out I decided to offer to cut his hair. He quickly took me up on the offer. He went into to wash his hair before I cut it in order to get rid of a bad case hat hair caused from wearing a baseball cap all day.

I wanted to give him the total salon experience so I followed him into the bathroom and asked if I could help him wash his hair. He knelt in the floor and held his head over the bathtub as I used the sprayer to wet and wash his hair. I was so happy to be able to give him a haircut without him having to ask for weeks until I found time to cut it.

We went into the living room where a wooden chair and the clippers were waiting. I started cutting with a shorter guard than I typically use because he likes his hair shorter than I like it. I was going for all the great wife bonus points. The clippers glided smoothly across his head as I cut the sides and the back. I was going for a high and tight like the haircuts he got when we were first married and he was in the reserves and ROTC.

A smile crept across my face as I cut. I knew that this act of kindness as simple as it was meant so much to my precious husband. After finishing up the back and sides it was time to change guards to do the top. I looked into the case and quickly spotted the guard marked 3 and snapped it onto the clippers. With one smooth stroke I ran the clippers across the top of his head. Something didn’t look right. I let out an audible gasp as I quickly jerked the clippers around and saw that the guard I had used did have a 3 on it but was followed by mm. In the center of the guard was the number 1. I had used the next to smallest guard on the top of his head. It was shorter on top than it was on the sides.

My heart sunk! I felt panic and humiliation rushing in on me like a flood. Joey immediately began to comfort me. He said, “You finally cut it the way I like it. It really feels great already. I am happy so don’t be upset.”

I almost cried but his continual praise and encouragement helped me overcome the tragedy and when I looked into his eyes I could only laugh and apologize. I have learned over the years that mishaps turn out to be the best memories so I am learning to see the humor in things as they happen instead of beating myself up over my mistakes.

I want you to understand that my laughter was not a sign that I didn’t care about what I had just done to my sweet husband. I still feel bad about it. I explained to him that I laughed because I could cut one of his ears off accidentally and he would say, “I am so glad you did that. I have always wanted to have only one ear. I really think it looks good, don’t you?”

He really would, he’s just that sweet. I know, it’s sickening how he always tries to protect me but I truly am thankful. I love that man more every second that I live.

I thought it was strange that our oldest son didn’t acknowledge his dad’s extreme haircut when he came home. I figured that he had and that Joey was just telling me he didn’t to save my feelings. This afternoon I asked T if he noticed his dad’s hair and he smiled a sweet smile and said, “I was told not to say anything, he sent me a text last night while I was at work telling me what happened and warning me to keep silent.”

I really did marry prince charming. He is my best friend, my biggest fan, and my most devoted defender. He did manage to curb any remarks from Trey but even he can’t silence Sweet G. I kept hearing this little voice ringing through the house, “Daddy, you’re bald. You’ve got a bald head.” It was always followed by whispers and sushes. Well, it may be short but at least it will grow back. I sure am sorry honey.

My Marriage

How shall we ever be able adequately to describe the happiness of that marriage which the Church arranges, the Sacrifice strengthens, upon which the blessing sets a seal, at which angels are present as witnesses, and to which be Father gives His consent? For not even on earth do children marry properly and legally without their fathers’ permission.

How beautiful, then, the marriage of two Christians, two who are one in hope, one in desire, one in the way of life they follow, one in the religion they practice. They are as brother and sister, both servants of the same Master. Nothing divides them, either in flesh or in spirit. They are, in very truth, two in one flesh; and where there is but one flesh there is also but one spirit. They pray together, they worship together, they fast together; instructing one another, encouraging one another, strengthening one another, side by side they visit God’s church and partake of God’s Banquet; side by side they face difficulties and persecution, share their consolations. They have no secrets from one another; they never shun each other’s company; they never bring sorrow to each other’s hearts. Unembarrassed they visit the sick and assist the needy. They give alms without anxiety; they attend the Sacrifice without difficulty; they perform their daily exercises of piety without hindrance. They need not be furtive about making the Sign of the Cross, nor timorous in greeting the brethren, nor silent in asking a blessing of God. Psalms and hymns they sing to one another, striving to see which one of them will chant more beautifully the praises of their Lord. Hearing and seeing this, Christ rejoices. To such as these He gives His peace. Where there are two together, there also He is present; and where He is, there evil is not.

Taken from Tertullian (c. 160-220), “To His Wife” in Treatises on Marriage and Remarriage, ACW Series, no. 13, trans. William P. LeSaint, S.J. (Westminster, MD: Newman Press, 1951): 35-36.

While looking around in a gift shop tonight I found a painting with a version of this quote from the Christian author Tertullian. He lived and wrote late in the 2nd century AD and early into the 3rd century AD but his words are as true today as they were when he penned them. The reason his writings still ring true is because they are based on Christian principles.

My husband, J, follows Tertullian’s instructions well. Together we pray to the same God, we worship the same risen Savior, we rejoice together and grieve together. He encourages me in times of trouble and never leaves my side during times of difficulties and persecution. He shares the needs of his heart with me and never keeps secrets from me. He has never turned me away or brought sorrow to my heart. He is an honorable man, a devoted husband, and a wonderful companion. 

I am so grateful that God sent me such a wonderful man to spend my life with. I do not now, nor have I ever claimed that I deserve him; but I can tell you that I love him with all that I am. He is always looking for ways to make life easier on me. He loves to please me and puts my feelings above his own.

I am guilty of taking what God gave me for granted. I forget how rare and wonderful a relationship like ours truly is. He is the only person that I know without a doubt will always be there for me. I have been treated so tenderly that I have failed to see that not every wife is cherished the way that I am by my husband. I can honestly say that he has never intentionally hurt me with his words or actions. He has always treated me with tenderness. I know that whatever tragedy or hardships may come in my life I have lived a fairytale. I am Cinderella and J is my Prince Charming.

I love you dearly Joey Norton and I want you to know that you are my world.

Happily Ever After

A little girl lies in bed. Her father is at her side. “What story would you like to hear tonight?” the father asks. He prays that it is not Cinderella because the story is such a long one. All the time he hopes but knows if his little princess asks for Cinderella then that is what he will read because he is unable to tell her no. Maybe she will choose another story instead. Sometimes it is Beauty and the Beast, The Three Sillies, Mr. and Mrs. Vinegar, or the Gingerbread Man. However, a lot of the time it is Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, or Cinderella that is chosen as the nightly story.

That little girl was me. I spent every Saturday night with my dad when I was growing up. One of my most vivid memories was of our nightly bedtime stories. Sometimes I would beg for one story after another. I loved those times with my daddy. It was just me and him alone with no distractions. I loved falling asleep listening to the soothing sound of his voice as he read to me. Most nights I fell asleep during his reading but sometimes he was the one to fall asleep first. (I was paid back in full by my two boys and my nieces and nephews years later.)

As I said, my favorites were the fairy tales. Tales of princesses being rescued by Prince Charming. Of course they all ended with. . . and they lived happily ever after. Some critics say that these kind of stories should not be read to little girls. Their position is that girls need to be self-reliant and these stories make them victims. I am happy to say that I do not agree. Childhood is a time when life should be safe and carefree. There should be hope of living happily ever after. It does still happen. Granted it does not happen with the same frequency today that it once did but it still happens.

My parents were divorced when I was very young. In fact I don’t remember them ever being together. Today I was thinking about that and wondering if because I only remember my mom and step dad’s marriage has anything to do with the condition of my marriage and why it has lasted. The statistics are stacked against us since we both come from broken homes. I know it is not politically correct to use the term broken home but since I am the product of divorce and have had to endure all the trauma, embarrassment, and uncomfortable situations that come with it I feel that I am able to use my experiences to call it what it is.

I am not bashing those who have experienced divorce. I am not judging you. I can only bear witness to what divorce meant to me. I did have a wonderful childhood. I had a home with a mom, dad, a brother, and two sisters. We lived in the country in a house filled with love. I also had a dad, and grandparents that I visited every weekend. Somehow though I was conflicted over my feelings when I was with one parent and missed the other. I was not living the fairy tale life that my daddy’s stories described.

I don’t know if it was the stories, the example of my mom and step dad’s marriage, or simply an internal desire to live my own fairy tale that has driven me to live happily ever after. I was fortunate enough to meet Prince Charming. He truly is a prince if ever there was one. Our marriage is not perfect. I am not the perfect wife nor he the perfect husband. There have been many times over the years when each of us has thought, “what did I get myself into?” We have had our ups and downs and at times we have had to remind ourselves why we fell in love with each other to begin with.

The newness of love fades as time passes if you are not alert to the signs. Thankfully so far we have been on guard and instead of moving on to a “new love” as so many do we have made our “love new”. Today is our 26th anniversary. We talked tonight before J slipped into his coma of sleep about how the years have flown by. It seems like it was just yesterday that we were newlyweds and in a way we still are. I am thankful that God has kept His hand of protection on our marriage and I am proud to say that I am living my Happily Ever After.

Joey I want you to know that I love you with all of my heart. You are my reason for living. You truly are my better half and I cannot imagine living without you. You are my best friend, biggest fan, and my hero. Thank you for gracing my life for the past 28 years. You really are Prince Charming.

Once Upon a Time
Living Happily Ever After