After five years of marriage J and I decided that we were ready to have a child. We were very excited (of course) and had no idea what lay ahead for us. I had always had very irregular menstual cycles and had taken several pregnancy tests during the first five years of our marriage so I guess we thought that pregnancy would be easy to acheive. Wrong.

The pregnancy journey started the same way that lots of pregnancy journies do. I stopped taking birth control pills. Pregnancy had always been something we worked to avoid, kinda like a cavity. Well, we both had fillings in our teeth and I guess I just assumed pregnancy would happen the same way. I just thought it was inevitable. Up until that point I hadn’t really known anyone who could not conceive but knew plenty of people who accidentally got pregnant.

 We went through many months and pregnancy tests with no results. (Remember I had always been irregular.) After six months or so my gynocologist decided we should begin infertility testing. Since testing a woman is much more involved he choose to start by testing my husband. My husband’s tests revealed a problem. He was referred to his urologist who found what was thought to be the cause of our infertility. He said that after a quick surgery to repair a varicose vein my husband’s problem would be gone.

 The surgery was performed soon after and we began the long wait to see how effective it had been. I think it was something like 9 months we had to endure to find out if the surgery was successful. We went through nine more months and many more pregnancy tests with negative results. Finally it was time to retest J. The test results showed very little change and we were told we should look into artificial insemination with a donor.

 We returned to my doctor with the results and he also felt that our chances of pregnancy were not good. I had already been taking my temperature first thing every morning before even stirring from bed and it showed that I wasn’t ovulating. Dr. J did agree to allow me to take Clomid for three months to induce ovulation for those three cycles after that he said he would refer us to a specialist.

 That referral was never needed. I became pregnant during my second cycle!! After two years of waiting and wondering we were finally pregnant.


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